Saturday, January 5, 2008

Steps Involved In Adoption.

1. First, the prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) should register with the local licensed adoption agency or adoption coordinating agency and their interest in adoption is ascertained at this stage.

2. A home study of the PAPs is conducted by the social worker of the agency. To ease the fears and apprehensions of PAPs, pre-adoptive counseling sessions are undertaken by the social worker. For the social worker, assessing the ability of the couple to parent a child not born to them is of crucial importance. Therefore, the couple’s suitability to care for an unrelated child is ensured through this home study.

3. After the initial survey, PAPs should submit documents related to their financial and health status to the agency.

4. A child is then shown to the parents. If desired by the parents, the agency takes care to match a child meeting the desired description.

5. The agency files a petition for obtaining the necessary orders under relevant act once a successful matching has been done. In some cases, the child may also be placed in pre-adoption foster care with adoptive parents.

6. Fees, as prescribed by the government, will be charged by the licensed adoption agency for maintenance and legal cost.

The above process is normally completed in 6-8 weeks once the child has been matched with the parents. There are regular follow-up visits and post-adoption counseling by the social worker till the child adjusts in his/her new environment.

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Alka said...

Hi Aruna,

1) In my case it so happened that I had to submit the documents at the time of registration. Only after the agency authorities have examined your papers, they start with the counseling. There are about three to five sessions before the home study is conducted.

These are the procedures that I have personally experienced about two weeks ago.


tokumeino said...

my husband and I have decided to adopt can you please tell us what to expect? How long it takes? And any agency reference